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1. Full name and/or pen name:

2.  Preferred postal address:

3. Email:

4. Institutional affiliation(s), if any, with dates of entry, etc.; and/or

current business or professional activity:

5. Birthplace:

6. Date of birth (optional as are all other questions, except PUBLICATIONS):

7. First and/or present oral language(s):

8. Language(s) read:

9. Language most used for criticism:

10. Other language(s) written:

11. Latest academic degree (dates), whether or not related to your critical work:

12. AREA(S) of greatest research/writing interest/activity in recent years: e.g., ethnic, national, or regional literatures; genres, techniques; formal or social issues; etc.:

13. 4 or 5 PUBLICATIONS (only) in above chosen AREA(S) of criticism (books, essays, reviews, commentary) since 1990 (please list in order of importance, giving full bibliographical data; please omit academic syllabus study

guides/aids and edited collections of writing by only others.):

14. Specific or general PROJECTS in Criticism currently in process, planned,

or of special interest:

15. CRITICAL APPROACHES, perspectives, analytical techniques, methodologies, etc., presently employed or being developed, and their AIMS, ideological and/or otherwise. (Please explain fully, citing examples from your work and, if possible, from progenitors and/or others now employing similar critical methods and ideas. Your extended response to this and the following items we hope will help substantially to stimulate more awareness of community and facilitate connections and communications among critics throughout India.)

16. Elements of criticism in your chosen areas of interest with which you are

fairly satisfied, with examples, if possible drawn from other critics' work:

17. Critical issues for criticism today and/or elements of criticism with which you are dissatisfied, and why:

18. Suggestions, if any, for ameliorating the unsatisfactory situation, with indications, if possible, of particular approaches, methods, etc., and/or critics that might be most helpful:

19. General suggestions for achieving more productive interactions among

critics in India:

20. How did you learn of the Survey?

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